About Starcards India

Starcards is a smart payment solution and a digital marketplace for both buyers and sellers. It is an initiative to enhance retail sales and enable people to save more. We know how to innovate, visualize, unite and find new opportunities. To attain optimum success, we cultivate divergent skill sets, values and practices.


Happy Shopping….

Starcards is going to change the way people shop from clothing to groceries, house hold essentials to vehicle accessories. People who visit local shops can now visit the reputed retail outlets and shop at affordable prices and avail discounts using Starcards. We are associated with all the reputed brands to provide multiple options to the buyers.


Smart Selling….

Starcards is a customer winning marketing payment solution to increase offline sales. We provide the smarter solution to project your business online to acquire new customer and retain old customers. Starcards provides maximum exposure to the businesses through digital medium and also through different smart payment solutions both online and offline. We also assist vendors to promote the brand and increase customer loyalty.


We are unique….

What makes us unique is the ability to understand a common man’s requirements and design a solution accordingly and Starcards is one of the best examples. With Starcards, experience

  • Free digital marketing for merchants
  • A cashless secure payment
  • Exclusive discounts with no season bound
  • Wider acceptance: the card can be used at small/ medium/ large vendors, utility bill payments, parking lot payments, toll gate payments etc.
  • Increased in-store sales

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